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The Waugh Room

News, gossip and insight from PoliticsHome Editor Paul Waugh

  1. Lords Hearts Peers Lords Hearts Peers

    Members of the House of Lords are famed for being rather more advanced in years than their counterpa... Read on...

  2. A Right Royal Crackdown?
  3. Cop Stop
  4. Ken 'n' Boris' Happy Families
  5. Look, no hands!

Today's Must Reads

This morning's top ten must-reads

  1. Scottish independence: Cameron faces a choice between destroying his country or his party | Matthew Norman | The Independent
  2. You're a f****** liar, screamed a 'Yes' voter. Ed Mil's eyes rotated in different directions | Quentin Letts | The Daily Mail
  3. Does Labour have the nerve to launch a devolution earthquake? | Mary Riddell | The Daily Telegraph
  4. (£)If Scots file for divorce, we’ll need a good lawyer | Daniel Finkelstein | The Times
  5. We may no longer be one nation, but Miliband can still harness the yes vote | Rafael Behr | The Guardian
  6. This bullying and intimidation is worse than anything I saw in Ulster | Tom Bradby | The Daily Mail
  7. (£)For the sake of Scotland, don’t be a bad loser | Michael Ignatieff | The Times
  8. (£)Russia is our most dangerous neighbour | Martin Wolf | The Financial Times
  9. Islamic State: Assad lures Obama into his web | Robert Fisk | The Independent
  10. If the UK recognises Palestine, so will others | Vincent Fean | The Daily Telegraph

Today's Five at Five

  1. However Scotland votes, UK politics has changed permanently | James Naughtie | Comment is Free
  2. Don't be surprised if Scotland votes for independence. I think "yes" might have an edge | Tim Stanley | The Daily Telegraph
  3. The ‘no’ campaign’s main problem? Posh people (like me) | Hugo Rifkind | Coffee House
  4. Camerons Worst Nightmare | Sam Macrory | Total Politics
  5. (£)The time is ripe for English devolution | John Redwood | The Financial Times

The Green Box Blog

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Dot Commons

Bits and bobs from the political day

  1. Willie's Yes endorsement : Vote aye or die

    It’s the celebrity endorsement the Yes campaign has been waiting weeks for. Groundskeeper Willie ... Read on...

  2. Spice Up Your Life
  3. Calling a spade a spayed
  4. Free School Truancy Officer
  5. Bravo, Mr Andrew, Bravo

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