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The Waugh Room

News, gossip and insight from PoliticsHome Editor Paul Waugh

  1. Silly, stupid things, words Silly, stupid things, words

    Ever since he helped draft Gordon Brown's five (unpassable) tests for UK membership of the euro, Ed ... Read on...

  2. Troy of the Rovers
  3. The IDS of June
  4. Through The Keyhole...
  5. 'Not So Fabulous' Baker Boys

Today's Must Reads

This morning's top ten must-reads

  1. We’re building an immigration system that puts Britain first | David Cameron | The Daily Telegraph
  2. (£)Miliband’s talk of big ideas makes for risky politics | Janan Ganesh | The Financial Times
  3. Here are the qualities you need to be a top political leader | Steve Richards | The Independent
  4. Don't be fooled by Ed Miliband's friendly cartoon appearance | Peter Hill | Daily Express
  5. Supine Labour lets the Tories daub lipstick on this pig | Aditya Chakrabortty | The Guardian
  6. The two Eds: Paranoid, confused, and their policies are a great, steaming pile of fudge | Damian McBride | The Daily Mail
  7. (£)It’s not how you look, Ed. It’s how you think | Hugo Rifkind | The Times
  8. When I served, the Israeli military was the most moral in the world. No more | Yuli Novak | The Guardian
  9. Yes, the bankers who robbed us all are criminals. Now let’s throw them in jail! | Max Hastings | The Daily Mail
  10. It's not just radicalised Islamists - what about foreign fighters who flock to the other side? | Robert Fisk | The Independent

Today's Five at Five

  1. Weak Ed Miliband isn’t up to it and heartless Tories are flogging off the NHS: welcome to the general election | James Kirkup | Telegraph politics blog
  2. After Mercer, Hancock, Miller and now Ruffley, we need a proper MPs Recall Bill | Andy Silvester | Coffee House
  3. We cannot let Michael Gove’s sterling work be wasted | Anthony Seldon | Evening Standard
  4. On immigration, and on economics too, Conservative language has becomefar too bureaucratic | Andrew Gimson | ConservativeHome
  5. Why Labour loves Andy Burnham | Emma Burnell | Comment is Free

The Green Box Blog

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Dot Commons

Bits and bobs from the political day

  1. Having a pop at Popat Having a pop at Popat

    After making remarks last week that put him at odds with the Conservative party, the government whip... Read on...

  2. French baiting in the Lords
  3. Politicians try to hit the right note with alternative bands
  4. You're my first, my last, my Energy Secretary
  5. 'sup JCJ?

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