Karie Murphy sidelined following major Labour shake-up ahead of general election

Posted On: 
8th October 2019

A key aide to Jeremy Corbyn has been effectively sacked from her job in a major Labour party shake-up ahead of the upcoming general election.

Karie Murphy with Jeremy Corbyn after the 2017 election.
PA Images

Karie Murphy, who is Mr Corbyn's chief of staff, will move to Labour HQ to take up a senior role in the campaign.

It is understood that she was informed that her role was changing after being phoned by Sir Bob Kerslake, the former head of the civil service who has also worked as a Labour adviser.

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Amy Jackson, who is Mr Corbyn's political secretary, will also move to Labour headquarters under the surprise re-organisation.

Meanwhile Joe Bradley, the official responsible for trade union and NEC links, will also be leaving the Labour leader's office.

Sources said the changes follow the row which erupted after Andrew Fisher, Mr Corbyn's top policy adviser, announced that he was quitting.

In a memo leaked to the Sunday Times, Mr Fisher hit out at the "lack of professionalism, competence and human decency" of some of those around the party boss.

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell was said to be furious that the highly-respected aide was quitting, and made clear his views to Mr Corbyn.

However, sources close to Mr McDonnell insisted he had nothing to do with the decision to oust Ms Murphy.

Despite the change in her role, it is understood that Ms Murphy will retain her chief of staff title, as she is employed by Labour rather than the leader's office.

A Labour source said: "As we ramp up campaigning ahead of a general election, we are maximising the use of the resources we have to ensure we are successful.

"Karie will drive this crucial work from HQ, as she did during the last election."