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The Waugh Room

News, gossip and insight from PoliticsHome Editor Paul Waugh

  1. Confusable Peers Confusable Peers

    A priceless document has been produced by the House of Lords to distinguish between those peers who ... Read on...

  2. Labour's UKIP problem
  3. Sacking, Ed style
  4. Grayling's 'Room 101'?
  5. The Price is Right?

Today's Must Reads

This morning's top ten must-reads

  1. (£)Don’t vote for David Cameron at the next election | Tim Montgomerie | The Times
  2. (£)Salmond will have Britain over a barrel | Trevor Kavanagh | The Sun
  3. Cracking down on honesty could be Ukip’s last bad idea | Zoe Williams | The Guardian
  4. Our politicians could do with a little training | Sebastian Coe | The Daily Telegraph
  5. Labour's Simon Danczuk is flirting with Nigel Farage, but will he answer his prayers and defect? | Matthew Norman | The Independent
  6. Ambulance and fire merger could be the solution | Leo McKinstry | Daily Express
  7. Eight things we learned from my polling in 2014 | Lord Ashcroft | ConservativeHome
  8. (£)America rewards another enemy of freedom | Melanie Phillips | The Times
  9. (£)Is the west clinically depressed? | Edward Luce | The Financial Times
  10. Angela Merkel has faced down the Russian bear in the battle for Europe | Timothy Garton Ash | The Guardian

Today's Five at Five

  1. May 7 2015 – a day of reckoning | Stefan Stern | LabourList
  2. Special advisers: best not seen or heard | Michael White | The Guardian
  3. Theresa May’s war against higher education continues | Tom Bailey | Wonkhe
  4. Above-it-all Boris has benefited from the past few days | Peter Hoskin | ConservativeHome
  5. The End of the Obama Era | Molly Ball | The Atlantic

The Green Box Blog

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Dot Commons

Bits and bobs from the political day

  1. Labour probes DCLG's Big Mac spending

    Labour MP Jon Ashworth has served up a storm at the communities department, asking ministers how muc... Read on...

  2. Prezza's 'Red Ed' slip-up
  3. Clegg's merry Christmas victory
  4. Minister for This Morning
  5. White van SLAM

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