Boris Johnson warns Cabinet to keep focus or face the sack in pending re-shuffle

Posted On: 
19th January 2020

Boris Johnson has warned Cabinet ministers to focus on developing post-Brexit policy or face the sack in a Government re-shuffle expected to take place in the coming weeks.

Ministers are expected to receive written correspondence from Number 10 ordering them to deliver on the PM’s agenda

In an unprecedented move, the Prime Minister will tell colleagues to stop trying to raise their profiles in the media with TV and radio interviews if they wish to continue serving in his government.

Ministers are expected to receive written correspondence from Number 10’s head of policy Munira Mirza ordering them to deliver on the PM’s agenda as a “key demand”.

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A Downing Street source said: “In his time in office the Prime Minister has been consistently clear that this government will reward hard work.

"We have been impressed by members of the government and junior ministers who have quietly got on with driving real change within their departments and delivering on the PM’s priority to level up our country.”

According to insiders Mr Johnson does not want ministers holding lunches with journalists or arranging media appearances. 

A senior government insider added: “It is very frustrating when they deal with their own paranoia by deciding they must go on this or that TV show, when the PM wants them just to do the job.”

It is believed Mr Johnson’s chief adviser Dominic Cummings is behind the move to take control of Government, directing power to Number 10. 

Downing Street officials have confirmed a re-shuffle will take place before February parliamentary recess.