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College of Policing

College of Policing
10th floor, River​​side House
2A Southwark Bridge Road
United Kingdom0800 496 3322contactus@college.pnn.police.uk

The College of Policing has three, complementary functions:

  • Knowledge: developing the research and infrastructure for growing evidence of ‘what works’. Over time, this will ensure policing practice and standards are based on knowledge, not custom and convention.

  • Standards:  drawing on the best available evidence of ‘what works’ to set standards in policing for forces and individuals. For example, through Authorised Professional Practice (APP) and peer review.

  • Education: supporting the development of individual members of the profession. It sets educational requirements to assure the public of the quality and consistency of policing skills, and facilitate academic accreditation and recognition of members’ expertise.

The British model of policing by consent is admired right across the world. The College will help to create the best conditions to sustain and enhance that model.