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Sellafield Ltd

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United Kingdom01946 728 333 stephen.m.barnes@sellafieldsites.com

With a workforce of more than 11,000 people, we are one of the largest employers in the north of England.

Our role is to lead the 100-year programme to safely decommission and clean up Sellafield while ensuring the local community is not negatively impacted.

This is arguably the most important environmental remediation project in Europe.

We also manage radioactive waste and special nuclear materials on behalf of the UK.

Additionally, by 2020, we will have completed our 70-year mission to reprocess spent nuclear fuel for the UK and overseas customers.


Sellafield Ltd 2017 progress and transformation video

The attached video highlights the major strides Sellafield Ltd has made over the past year in decommissioning and cleaning up the biggest nuclear industrial facility in Britain.

The video also shows the company’s investment in research and innovation, investment in skills and partnership with the supply chain and the community.



Please view further information on the Sellafield Ltd website.